DEWALT DXAEJ14 Portable Power Station Jump Starter

Manufacturer: ‎DEWALT
Model Number: ‎DXAEJ14

DEWALT DXAEJ14 Jump Starter User Manual

Product Overview

The DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Portable Power Station Jump Starter provides 1400 peak and 700 instant starting amps, along with a 120 PSI digital air compressor. It includes dual USB charging ports and is suitable for passenger cars. This device is essential for emergency situations and everyday use.

Initial Setup

  1. Charge the jump starter using a standard extension cord (not included) by plugging it into the built-in AC charger.
  2. Ensure the device is fully charged before first use. The battery charge indicator on the panel will show when the unit is fully charged.

Jump Starting a Vehicle

  1. Make sure the jump starter is fully charged.
  2. Turn off all accessories in the vehicle and ensure the vehicle is in park or neutral with the parking brake on.
  3. Connect the red positive (+) clamp to the vehicle's positive battery terminal.
  4. Connect the black negative (-) clamp to a solid, unpainted metal surface on the vehicle's engine block away from the battery.
  5. Turn on the jump starter.
  6. Attempt to start the vehicle. If it doesn't start within 5-6 seconds, wait a few minutes before trying again.
  7. Once the vehicle starts, turn off the jump starter and disconnect the black clamp followed by the red clamp.

Using the Air Compressor

  1. Attach the air hose to the tire valve stem.
  2. Turn on the compressor and set the desired PSI level. The compressor will automatically stop when the set PSI is reached.
  3. If the compressor is left on unintentionally, it will automatically shut off after 10 minutes to prevent overheating.

Charging Electronic Devices

  1. Connect your device's USB cable to one of the USB charging ports.
  2. The device will begin charging. The total output for both USB ports is up to 3.1A.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If the jump starter does not start the vehicle, ensure the clamps have a good connection and that the vehicle's battery is not beyond recovery.
  • If the air compressor gauge fluctuates, check the hose for leaks and ensure the nozzle is securely attached to the valve stem.
  • If the jump starter does not hold a charge, verify that it is being charged correctly and that the internal battery is not depleted.
  • If the USB charger shuts off, ensure the jump starter has enough charge to power the connected devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the DEWALT DXAEJ14 jump start a riding lawn mower?
A: It may not be suitable for jump starting a riding lawn mower. It's designed for passenger cars and may not have the required amperage for larger engines.
Q: Why won't the air compressor nozzle work?
A: If the nozzle broke on the first use, it might be a manufacturing defect. Contact customer service for support.
Q: What should I do if the jump starter is defective?
A: If the product is defective upon arrival, contact Amazon customer service for a return or replacement, keeping in mind the return window and shipping requirements.
Q: Does this product come with a warranty?
A: The product may have a warranty, but the terms can vary depending on where it is purchased. Contact DEWALT or Black & Decker for warranty information.
Q: How do I charge the DEWALT DXAEJ14?
A: Charge the unit using a standard extension cord plugged into the built-in AC charger. The cord is not included with the jump starter.

FAQ [continued]

Q: What are the peak and instant starting amps of the DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Portable Power Station Jump Starter?
A: The DEWALT DXAEJ14 has a peak amp of 1400 and an instant starting amp of 700.

Q: Does it come with a digital air compressor?
A: Yes, the DEWALT DXAEJ14 comes with a digital air compressor that has a maximum pressure of 120 PSI.

Q: How many USB ports does it have?
A: The DEWALT DXAEJ14 has dual USB charging ports, allowing you to charge up to 2 personal devices on the go.

Q: Is there a built-in AC charger?
A: Yes, the DEWALT DXAEJ14 has a built-in AC charger so you never lose your charger again. However, please note that the charger/extension cord is not included.

Q: Can it be used to jump-start a riding lawn mower or a car?
A: While the DEWALT DXAEJ14 is designed for automotive use, some customers have reported issues with jump-starting riding lawn mowers and cars. It is recommended to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for compatibility.

Q: Does it have an auto shut-off feature for the compressor?
A: Yes, the compressor on the DEWALT DXAEJ14 features a 10-minute auto shut-off timer to avoid damage from heat if left on unintentionally or unattended.

Q: What is the battery cell composition?
A: The battery cell composition of the DEWALT DXAEJ14 is sealed lead acid.

Q: What is the weight and dimensions of the product?
A: The DEWALT DXAEJ14 weighs 17.5 pounds and has dimensions of 11.75 x 6 x 13 inches.

Q: What is the country of origin?
A: The DEWALT DXAEJ14 is manufactured in China.

Q: Is there a warranty for this product?
A: The warranty information for the DEWALT DXAEJ14 is not specified in the provided details. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer or seller for warranty information.

Please note that the above FAQs are based on the provided product information and may not cover all aspects of the product. It is always recommended to refer to the manufacturer's documentation and guidelines for accurate and detailed information.
Installation Manual (PDF)
Installation Manual (PDF)
User Manual (PDF)
User Manual (PDF)


Model Number‎DXAEJ14
Item Weight‎17.5 pounds
Product Dimensions‎11.75 x 6 x 13 inches
Country of Origin‎China
Item model number‎DXAEJ14
Batteries‎1 Product Specific batteries required.
Manufacturer Part Number‎DXAEJ14
Item Weight‎17.5 Pounds
Amperage‎1400 Amps
Customer Reviews4.4 out of 5 stars 3,641 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank#1,285 in Automotive
Date First AvailableApril 17, 2017
Battery Cell CompositionSealed Lead Acid
Voltage12 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.75 x 6 x 13 inches
Vehicle Service TypePassenger Car
Weight‎17.5 Pounds
Dimensions‎11.75 x 6 x 13 inches
First AvailableApril 17, 2017

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