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Installation Instructions

  1. Ensure Safety: Before beginning the installation, make sure your vehicle’s engine is turned off, and the headlights are switched off. Allow the headlight assembly to cool if it was recently used.
  2. Access the Headlight Assembly: Open your vehicle’s hood and locate the back of the headlight assembly. Access may vary by vehicle model; consult your vehicle’s manual for specific instructions.
  3. Remove the Old Bulb: Carefully disconnect the power connector from the old H7 bulb. Then, remove any retaining clips or covers. Twist the old bulb counter-clockwise and gently pull it out of the headlight housing.
  4. Install the New Bulb: Without touching the glass of the new OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200 H7 bulb, insert it into the headlight housing. Align the tabs on the bulb with the notches in the housing for a proper fit. Twist the bulb clockwise to secure it.
  5. Reconnect Power: Reattach the power connector to the new bulb, ensuring a snug fit.
  6. Test the Lights: Turn on your vehicle and headlights to ensure the new bulbs are working correctly.
  7. Reassemble: If you had to remove any clips or covers, reattach them. Close your vehicle’s hood.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Light Not Working: Check the power connector is properly attached. Inspect for any damage to the bulb or connector.
  • Dim Light: Ensure the bulb is correctly installed and fully seated. If the issue persists, check your vehicle’s electrical system or consult a professional.
  • Short Bulb Life: Avoid touching the bulb glass during installation. Oils from your skin can affect bulb life. Also, ensure your vehicle’s electrical system is providing the correct voltage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the brightness level of the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200 H7 bulbs?

The OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200 H7 bulbs provide a luminosity of 1500 lumens.

Are these bulbs legal for road use?

Yes, these bulbs are designed to meet road safety regulations and are road legal.

How long can I expect these bulbs to last?

The operational life span of these bulbs is approximately 250 hours. This can vary depending on usage and vehicle conditions.

Can I touch the bulb glass during installation?

No, you should avoid touching the bulb glass with bare hands. Use gloves or a clean cloth to handle the bulb if necessary.

What is the color temperature of these bulbs?

These bulbs provide a light that is up to 20% whiter than standard halogen bulbs. However, they are designed for performance and not a high color temperature, so results may vary.

Are these bulbs compatible with my vehicle?

These H7 bulbs are compatible with any vehicle that uses H7 size bulbs. Please check your vehicle’s manual to confirm the correct bulb size.

What should I do if the bulb burns out prematurely?

Ensure that your vehicle’s electrical system is functioning correctly and that the bulb was installed without touching the glass. If the problem persists, it may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I use these bulbs for both high beam and low beam?

Yes, H7 bulbs can be used for either high beam or low beam applications, depending on your vehicle’s headlight design.

Will these bulbs fit motorcycles?

As long as your motorcycle requires H7 bulbs, the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200 H7 should be compatible.

Do I need any special tools to install these bulbs?

No special tools are required for installation. However, some vehicle models may require additional steps to access the headlight assembly.

Where are these bulbs manufactured?

The OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200 H7 bulbs are manufactured in Germany.

Is there a warranty for these bulbs?

Yes, OSRAM provides a warranty for their bulbs. Check the packaging or contact OSRAM for specific warranty information.

FAQ [continued]

Q: What is the brightness of the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200 H7 bulbs?
A: The OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200 H7 bulbs provide up to 200% more light compared to the minimum requirements of the ECE R112/R37 standard.

Q: How far does the beam reach with these bulbs?
A: The beam can reach up to 150 meters in length.

Q: Are these bulbs available in other sizes?
A: Yes, the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200 bulbs are available in H4 and H7 sizes.

Q: What is included in the package?
A: The package includes 2x H7 bulbs.

Q: What is the lifespan of these bulbs?
A: The operational lifespan of these bulbs is approximately 250 hours.

Q: Are these bulbs suitable for automotive use?
A: Yes, these bulbs are designed for automotive use and specifically for headlights.

Q: What is the color temperature of these bulbs?
A: These bulbs produce a slightly whiter light compared to standard halogen bulbs.

Q: What is the weight and dimensions of each bulb?
A: Each bulb weighs 12 grams and has dimensions of 5.9 x 1.2 x 1.2 cm.

Q: Are these bulbs compatible with a 12V system?
A: Yes, these bulbs are designed to work with a 12V system.

Q: Is there any information about their customer ratings and reviews?
A: These bulbs have an average customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 17,802 reviews on Amazon.fr.

Please note that this information is based on the provided product details and may vary depending on individual experiences.


Model Number‎64210NB200-HCB
CategoryAuto et Moto > Pièces détachées auto > Feux, ampoules et clignotants > Ampoules > Ampoules extérieures > Ampoules clignotants
Poids de l'article‎12 g
Dimensions du produit (L x l x h)‎5,9 x 1,2 x 1,2 cm; 12 grammes
Pile(s) / Batterie(s) :‎1 Inconnu nécessite des piles.
Numéro du modèle de l'article‎64210NB200-HCB
Numéro de série fabricant‎64210NB200-HCB
Position‎Partie frontale
Performances de sécurité‎INMETRO
Volts‎12 Volts
Moyenne des commentaires client4,3 4,3 sur 5 étoiles 17 802 évaluations 4,3 sur 5 étoiles
Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon364 en Auto et Moto (Voir les 100 premiers en Auto et Moto) 29 en Ampoules clignotants automobile
Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr14 avril 2021
Usages spécifiques pour le produitÉclairage de projecteur
Luminosité1500 lm
Quantité d'articles dans le colis1
Tension12 Volts
Position de la pièce automobilePartie frontale
Durée de vie opérationnelle250 Heures
Weight‎12 g
Dimensions‎5,9 x 1,2 x 1,2 cm; 12 grammes
First Available14 avril 2021

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