Michelin Primacy 4+ 205/55 R16 91V Summer Tire

User Manual for Michelin Primacy 4+ Summer Tires

Product Installation

  1. Before installation, check the tire size (205/55 R16 91V) to ensure compatibility with your vehicle's wheels.
  2. Visit a professional tire service center for installation. It is recommended not to attempt self-installation if you are not experienced with tire fitting.
  3. Ensure that the tires are mounted in the correct direction of rotation. The tires have a directional pattern that should match the forward rolling direction.
  4. Verify that the tires are balanced after installation to prevent vibrations and ensure a smooth ride.

Usage Guidelines

  1. Maintain proper tire pressure as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  2. Regularly inspect tires for signs of wear or damage. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, but for safety, consider replacing tires before reaching this limit.
  3. Avoid overloading your vehicle beyond the tire load index of 91, which corresponds to a maximum load of 615 kilograms per tire.
  4. Adhere to the speed rating 'V' which indicates a maximum speed of 240 km/h for safe driving conditions.

Maintenance and Care

  1. Rotate tires as per your vehicle's maintenance schedule or every 10,000 km to ensure even wear.
  2. Regularly clean your tires to remove debris and inspect for any irregularities or damage.
  3. Store tires in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and chemicals if not in use.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. If you notice abnormal vibrations or noise, check the tire balance and wheel alignment.
  2. In case of reduced traction or handling, verify the tire pressure and tread depth.
  3. For issues with tire damage, consult a professional tire service center for repair or replacement.


What does the tire size 205/55 R16 91V indicate?

The tire size represents the following specifications:

  • 205 - Width of the tire in millimeters.
  • 55 - Aspect ratio, the height of the tire sidewall as a percentage of the width.
  • R - Radial construction of the tire.
  • 16 - Diameter of the wheel rim in inches.
  • 91 - Load index, indicating the maximum load the tire can carry.
  • V - Speed rating, indicating the maximum speed capability of the tire.

Can I install the tires myself?

It is recommended to have your tires installed by a professional tire service center to ensure they are fitted and balanced correctly for your safety and the longevity of the tires.

How do I know when the tires were manufactured?

Look for the 'DOT' code on the tire sidewall, which ends with a four-digit number. The first two digits represent the week of manufacture, and the last two represent the year. For example, '4822' means the tire was produced in the 48th week of 2022.

What is the EverGrip technology mentioned?

Michelin's EverGrip technology refers to the innovative tread design and compounds used to maintain wet grip as the tire wears down, ensuring lasting safety and performance.

How do I read the tire label for efficiency and safety?

The tire label provides information on fuel efficiency (rolling resistance), wet grip performance, and external rolling noise. Ratings range from A (best) to G (worst) for fuel efficiency and wet grip, while noise levels are measured in decibels (dB).

Is it worth investing in Michelin Primacy 4+ tires?

Yes, Michelin Primacy 4+ tires are known for their long-lasting performance, excellent wet grip, and fuel efficiency. They also come with a protective rim guard and are designed to provide a quiet and comfortable ride.

Remember to always refer to your vehicle's owner manual and a professional tire service provider for specific advice tailored to your car and driving conditions.

FAQ [continued]

Q: What is the brand and model of this tire?
A: The brand of this tire is MICHELIN, and the model is Michelin Primacy 4+.

Q: What are the main features of this tire?
A: The main features of this tire include improved safety, best braking performance on wet surfaces at the legal wear limit, number one in control in aquaplaning situations, excellent durability, and it is designed with MICHELIN EverGrip technology.

Q: What are the specifications of this tire?
A: The specifications of this tire are as follows:
- Model Number: ‎3528704440573
- Category: Auto et Moto > Pneus et jantes > Pneus > Véhicule particulier
- Manufacturer: Michelin
- Marque: MICHELIN
- Modèle: Michelin Primacy 4+
- Width: 205 Millimeters
- Construction: Radial
- Tread Depth: 7 Millimeters
- ASIN: B09Q3745SV
- Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 73 ratings

Q: What is the size of this tire?
A: The size of this tire is 205/55 R16 91V.

Q: What is the load capacity and tread depth of this tire?
A: The load capacity of this tire is 615 kilograms, and the tread depth is 7 millimeters.

Q: When was this tire first available on Amazon.fr?
A: This tire was first available on Amazon.fr on January 11, 2022.

Q: What seasons is this tire suitable for?
A: This tire is suitable for summer seasons.

Q: Is there any customer feedback available for this product?
A: Yes, there are customer reviews available for this product. The average customer rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 73 ratings.

Q: What are the best-selling rankings of this tire on Amazon?
A: This tire is ranked 28,698 in Auto et Moto and 35 in Pneus véhicule particulier on Amazon's best-selling list.

Q: What are the dimensions and weight of this tire?
A: The dimensions of this tire are 24 x 69 x 2.5 centimeters, and it weighs 10 grams.


Model Number‎3528704440573
CategoryAuto et Moto > Pneus et jantes > Pneus > Véhicule particulier
Modèle‎Michelin Primacy 4 +
Poids de l'article‎10 g
Numéro du modèle de l'article‎3528704440573
Numéro de série fabricant‎444057
Numéro de série OEM‎444057
Largeur de section‎205 Millimètres
Profondeur de la sculpture‎7 Millimètres
Moyenne des commentaires client4,7 4,7 sur 5 étoiles 73 évaluations 4,7 sur 5 étoiles
Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon28,698 en Auto et Moto (Voir les 100 premiers en Auto et Moto) 35 en Pneus véhicule particulier
Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr11 janvier 2022
Taille205/55 R16 91V
Largeur de la partie205 Millimètres
Charge maximale615 kilogrammes
Profondeur de la bande de roulement7 Millimètres
Dimensions de l'article L x l x H24 x 69 x 2,5 centimètres
Diamètre de l'article631,9 Millimètres
Weight‎10 g
First Available11 janvier 2022

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