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User Manual for King Kong State Touch-Up Paint Pen - Gloss Black

Product Overview

The King Kong State Touch-Up Paint Pen is designed to repair stone chips and minor scratches on your car's bodywork. With its integrated brush in the cap, this touch-up pen is ready to use for a quick and convenient application. The gloss black color matches most dark and glossy black paints, similar to RAL 9005.


  • 1 x Touch-Up Paint Pen (9 ml) - Gloss Black


  • Brand: King Kong State
  • Model Number: LS-S
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.4 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Color: Gloss Black
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Special Feature: Glossy shine
  • Usage: Repair
  • Paint Type: One-coat paint (no additional clear coat required)
  • Recommended Surface: Stone

Instructions for Use

  1. Ensure the area to be treated is clean, dry, and free of any loose material or rust.
  2. Shake the touch-up pen vigorously for a few seconds to mix the paint thoroughly.
  3. Remove the cap and carefully apply the paint to the damaged area using the integrated brush.
  4. Apply the paint in thin layers, allowing it to dry for a few minutes between applications.
  5. Once the paint is dry, you may polish the area with a microfiber cloth to blend the repair into the surrounding paintwork.
  6. Replace the cap securely after use to prevent the paint from drying out.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Paint dries too quickly: Work in small sections and apply the paint swiftly. Use a microfiber cloth to smooth out the finish before it dries completely.
  • Uneven texture: Ensure the surface is clean and apply multiple thin layers rather than one thick layer.
  • Color mismatch: This pen is designed for gloss black surfaces. If your vehicle has a different shade, consider looking for a color-matched touch-up paint.
  • Paint flow issues: If the paint isn't flowing well, shake the pen again and press the tip gently to encourage paint flow.


Can this touch-up pen be used on matte black rims?

Yes, this pen can be used on matte black rims, but the finish is glossy. For a perfect match, you might need a matte finish touch-up pen.

Is this product easy to use?

Yes, customers have found the touch-up pen easy to use with its precision brush for accurate application.

How well does the paint hold up over time?

Customers have reported good durability, but long-term performance can depend on application quality and environmental conditions.

Does the pen come with instructions?

Instructions are not specified in the product information, but you can follow the user manual provided above for guidance.

Can it be used on surfaces other than cars?

While designed for car paint repairs, the touch-up pen may work on other surfaces, but compatibility and finish should be tested in an inconspicuous area first.

What do I do if the paint doesn't match my car's color exactly?

The touch-up pen is a universal gloss black. If an exact match is needed, you may need to find a pen that is specifically color-matched to your vehicle's paint code.

Is there a recommended way to blend the paint into the existing car paint?

After applying the touch-up paint and allowing it to dry, gently polish the area with a microfiber cloth to blend the edges and create a seamless finish.

What happens if the product is not satisfactory?

If you are not satisfied with the product, consider reaching out to the manufacturer or the retailer for support, and check their return and refund policy.

FAQ [continued]

**Product FAQ - King Kong State Touch-Up Paint Pen**

**Q: What is the color of the paint in this touch-up pen?**
A: The paint color is black glossy, which can be universally applied to dark and glossy black paints, similar to RAL 9005.

**Q: What types of damages can this touch-up pen repair?**
A: This touch-up pen is designed to repair stone chips and small scratches on your vehicle's paintwork, helping prevent rust stains and suitable for black rims as well.

**Q: Is this touch-up pen easy to use?**
A: Yes, this touch-up pen comes with an integrated brush in the cap for immediate application, making it convenient and ready to use for quick touch-ups.

**Q: What is the quantity of paint included in the pen?**
A: The touch-up pen contains 9 ml of black glossy paint, which is a one-coat varnish that does not require additional clear coat.

**Q: Where is this touch-up pen manufactured?**
A: The King Kong State touch-up pens are manufactured in Germany according to high-quality standards, ensuring professional quality repairs.

**Q: Can this touch-up pen be used on surfaces other than vehicles?**
A: While primarily designed for automotive use, this touch-up pen can also be used on other surfaces like stone for minor repairs.

**Q: How long does the paint take to dry after application?**
A: The paint dries relatively quickly; however, it may leave little time for spreading if needed. Using a polisher or microfiber cloth can help achieve a smooth finish.

**Q: Does the product come with detailed usage instructions?**
A: Yes, the touch-up pen comes with usage instructions to guide you through the application process effectively.

**Q: Is this touch-up pen suitable for precise applications?**
A: Yes, the fine brush tip of the pen allows for precise application, making it suitable for detailed and accurate repairs.

**Q: Is the paint durable and long-lasting once applied?**
A: The effectiveness and durability of the paint over time may vary based on environmental factors and maintenance; however, many customers have reported positive results with this product.

Please note that individual experiences may vary based on application techniques and surface conditions.


BrandKing Kong State
Model Number‎LS-S
CategoryBricolage > Auto et Moto > Peinture > Peintures pour retouches
Fabricant‎King Kong State
Dimensions du produit (L x l x h)‎2,4 x 2,4 x 8 cm; 20 grammes
Taille‎9 ml
Couleur‎noir brillant
Style‎noir brillant
Quantité d'articles‎1
Fonctions spéciales‎Briller
Piles incluses ?‎Non
Batterie(s) / Pile(s) requise(s)‎Non
Disponibilité des pièces détachées‎Information indisponible sur les pièces détachées
Moyenne des commentaires client4,0 4,0 sur 5 étoiles 2 985 évaluations 4,0 sur 5 étoiles
Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon56 en Auto et Moto (Voir les 100 premiers en Auto et Moto) 1 en Peintures pour retouches
Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr8 mai 2022
MarqueKing Kong State
Couleurnoir brillant
Type de finitionBrillante
Taille9 ml
Volume de l'article9 Millilitres
Caractéristique spécialeBriller
Nombre d'unités9.0 millilitre
Type de peintureAquarelle,Acrylique,Huile
Usages spécifiques pour le produitRéparer
Recommandation de surfacePierre
Colornoir brillant
Dimensions‎2,4 x 2,4 x 8 cm; 20 grammes
First Available8 mai 2022

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