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The Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb offers a significant upgrade in visibility and brightness compared to standard bulbs, providing up to 30% more light output. This means a brighter and clearer beam pattern, allowing for improved visibility on the road ahead. Crafted with high-quality quartz glass, these headlight bulbs are designed to be durable and long-lasting, making them a reliable choice for your vehicle.

These Philips automotive bulbs are specifically designed for headlights, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. They are built to meet the stringent quality standards of ECE homologation, guaranteeing safety and reliability. With excellent resistance to moisture and UV exposure, these bulbs are able to maintain their performance even in challenging conditions.

Easy to install with a universal fit, these headlight bulbs are a practical choice for drivers looking to enhance their visibility and driving experience. The white color temperature of the light produced by these bulbs adds a modern touch to your vehicle's appearance while also providing a clear and crisp illumination of the road ahead. Upgrade your headlights with the Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb for improved visibility and safety during nighttime driving.

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Brand: Philips automotive lighting



Philips Vision H4 Ampoule De Phare Avant is a top choice for enhancing visibility on the road with up to 30% more brightness than standard bulbs. These Philips bulbs are made with high-quality quartz glass, providing excellent resistance to moisture and UV rays. Users have praised the easy installation process and noticeable improvement in lighting quality, offering a brighter and clearer white light for enhanced safety during night driving. The durability of these bulbs stands out, lasting longer than other brands and proving to be robust against tough road conditions. While some users may find the brightness difference not significant, overall, the Philips 12972PRB1 H7 bulbs deliver exceptional lighting, impressive longevity, and straightforward installation, making them highly recommended for those seeking quality lighting for their vehicles.





**Product: Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb, 30% Brighter, 1-Pack P43t-38 H4 Single - Auto and Moto**


**1. How much visibility improvement can I expect with the Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb compared to a standard bulb?**
- The Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb offers up to 30% more visibility than a standard bulb, providing a superior beam range.

**2. What are the key features of the Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb?**
- The bulbs are made from high-quality quartz glass, ensuring excellent resistance to moisture and UV rays.
- They meet the high-quality criteria of ECE homologation standards.

**3. How easy is it to install the Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb?**
- Customers have found the installation process to be straightforward and quick, with compatibility across various vehicles.

**4. What are some benefits of using the Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb?**
- The bulbs provide exceptional lighting quality, significantly improving nighttime visibility.
- They offer unmatched reliability and durability, lasting longer than other brands.
- The bulbs emit a bright white light with a pleasant color temperature, enhancing driving safety.

**5. Where can I use the Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb?**
- These bulbs are specifically designed for headlight use in automobiles.

**6. What is the voltage requirement for the Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb?**
- The bulbs operate at 12 volts.

**7. Are there any specific vehicle requirements for using this bulb?**
- The Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb features universal fitment and is suitable for the front part of vehicles.

This FAQ is based on product information and customer reviews highlighting the performance, durability, and ease of use of the Philips Vision H4 Headlight Bulb.


BrandPhilips automotive lighting
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MarquePhilips automotive lighting
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Type de coupeAjustement universel
Position de la pièce automobilePartie frontale

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