Zimiking EV Type 2 Charger 7.5M Cable

The Zimiking Type 2 EV Charger is a high-quality and versatile charging solution for electric vehicles. With its fast charging capability, it can charge your car faster than other Level 1 chargers. The charging current can be easily adjusted between 6/8/10/13/16A to meet your specific needs, and the digital color screen allows you to monitor the charging status in real-time.

Safety is a top priority with this EV charger. It is made from high-strength ABS material, ensuring durability and a longer lifespan. It features multiple safety protections including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, leakage protection, and overheat protection. With an IP67 waterproof rating, it can safely charge your car even in wet conditions, reducing the risk of fire.

This portable Type 2 charging cable is highly compatible and has passed CE and TUV certifications, guaranteeing its quality and reliability. It is compatible with most electric vehicles that meet the IEC 62196 standards. For specific vehicle models, you can refer to the product details page or contact customer service for more information.

The 7.5-meter long cable provides convenient and reliable charging at any public or home charging point, ensuring you are always ready for your journey. The included carrying bag allows you to easily transport the charger in your car, making it incredibly convenient.

With a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support, Zimiking provides excellent after-sales service. Their professional customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you with any product-related issues or inquiries.

Overall, the Zimiking Type 2 EV Charger offers fast charging, maximum safety, high compatibility, and excellent customer support, making it an ideal choice for electric vehicle owners.

4.6/5 - 125 reviews

Brand: Zimiking


The Zimiking Type 2 EV Charger is a high-quality and reliable product that offers fast charging for electric vehicles. With the ability to switch between 6/8/10/13/16A, it provides flexibility to meet different charging needs. The digital color display allows users to easily monitor the charging status. Safety is a top priority with this charger, as it is made from high-strength ABS material and includes multiple protection features such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, leakage, and overheating protection. It is also IP67 waterproof. The charger is compatible with most electric vehicles that adhere to the IEC 62196 standards. The 7.5-meter cable provides convenience and the included carrying bag makes it easy to transport. The charger comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support. Overall, users have praised the product for its solid performance, quick charging capabilities, and excellent value for money.

- Fast charging capability
- Adjustable current levels
- High-quality and durable construction
- Multiple safety protections
- Waterproof (IP67)
- Compatible with most electric vehicles
- Long 7.5-meter cable for added convenience
- Includes a carrying bag for portability
- 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support

- Charging time can be long for some users
- Fixation plastic for wall mounting may not be sturdy enough for frequent use
- Cable length may not always match the advertised length
- Limited information on leakage current during charging

Overall, the Zimiking Type 2 EV Charger is a reliable and efficient charging solution for electric vehicles. It offers flexibility, safety, and convenience, making it a highly recommended product for EV owners.


Q: What is the maximum charging current for this EV Type 2 Charging Cable?
A: The charging current can be freely switched between 6/8/10/13/16A to meet your needs.

Q: Is this charging cable compatible with most electric vehicles?
A: Yes, this portable Type 2 charging cable is compatible with most electric vehicles that meet the IEC 62196 standards. Please check the vehicle's details or contact customer service for specific models.

Q: Does this charging cable have any safety features?
A: Yes, this EV charger is made of high-strength ABS material and has multiple safety features, including protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, leakage, and overheating. It also has an IP67 waterproof rating to ensure safe charging and prevent fires.

Q: How long is the charging cable?
A: The charging cable is 7.5 meters long, providing fast and reliable charging at any public or home charging point. It also comes with a convenient carrying bag for easy transportation.

Q: What are the specifications of this product?
- Brand: Zimiking
- Category: High-Tech > Auto et Moto > Outils et dépannage > Outils de batterie > Chargeurs de batterie
- Marque: Zimiking
- Product dimensions: 38.5P x 38W x 8H centimeters
- Item weight: 3.11 kilograms
- Compliance with specifications: iec,ip67
- Input voltage: 250 volts
- Current rating: 16 amps

Customer Reviews:
- "Very good product. Fast delivery, solid and efficient product. I was able to charge my Renault Zoe from 42% to 100% in 4 hours and 45 minutes at 16 amps on a 16 amp socket. The manufacturer also sent me a user manual in French with operating instructions. Excellent value for money."
- "Works great, no issues. The only downside is that the charging time is quite long. I recommend it until you have your own charging station installed."
- "Used on a Green Up socket with 3.2kWh charging. Does not heat up, and I hope the internal electronics are as good as the external appearance of the product. The plastic fastening with the notch on the back of the charger that allows it to be hung on the wall is too light and often comes loose. I don't use the option to change the charging level as I do it from my MG4 application."
- "Excellent product! Very convenient for charging on any standard 8, 10, 13, or 16A socket, provided that the installation meets the standards (make sure to check!). I always keep it in my trunk just in case. Also great for charging at 'kind' friends' or family's places. For safety reasons, I don't charge at night without supervision. Personally, it's perfect for my MG4, excellent finish, nice control screen, and it comes with a cool and classy bag with a yellow trim. And to top it off, it's very reasonably priced! A big thank you to Amazon Prime's delivery teams who are always on top of things and so fast with their deliveries, even with their busy schedules. In short, I highly recommend this product!"
- "Ideal for our old house with variable power; works well for us."
- "The cable is much shorter than advertised. The cable is exactly 6.5 meters between the charger and the Type 2 plug instead of the ordered 8 meters. Even adding the 50cm of cable between the charger and the 220V plug (which cannot be taken into account since the charger is fixed to the wall) does not reach 7m. It does not match the description and does not suit my needs. I assume this is an 'exceptional' issue since everyone else mentions a 7.5m cable, so I will reorder the same one hoping it's okay."
- "I ordered this charger for my plug-in hybrid vehicle, and the ability to choose the charging current adds value to this equipment. It works great, and I highly recommend this charger."
- "Perfect charger for recharging your electric vehicle. You can adjust the amperage to fit a standard or reinforced socket. The temperature display is handy for reassurance during the first charges. Very good value for money. I recommend it."
- "Why manufacturer chargers (e.g., BMW) have to be so expensive is beyond me; it's modern robbery. This supplier still offers the product at a somewhat reasonable price. Also, a Black Friday discount made it a realistic alternative. So far, I have only used it in the lowest setting of 6A, and it works and charges my BMW perfectly. The cable (8 meters) is also great. The quality seems good; I have no idea how much leakage current occurs during charging. I am satisfied!"
- "My experience with the 3.6KW EV charger has been exceptional from day one. This product has proven to be a valuable addition to my daily routine, providing efficient and convenient charging solution for my electric vehicle. The adjustable 6-16A capacity offers flexibility, allowing me to adapt the charging speed according to my specific needs. The 8-meter charging cable provides sufficient reach to comfortably park my vehicle while charging without any inconvenient restrictions. The quality of materials inspires confidence in terms of durability and resilience. The Type 2 connection ensures broad compatibility with a variety of electric vehicles. Furthermore, the user-friendly operation and intuitive interface make charging a hassle-free process. The compact design and portability of the charger are aspects that I truly appreciate, as I can carry it with me whenever needed. Overall, this charger has exceeded my expectations and made charging my Dacia Spring an easy and efficient experience."
- "The charging cable looks


CategoryHigh-Tech > Auto et Moto > Outils et dépannage > Outils de batterie > Chargeurs de batterie
Dimensions du produit38,5P x 38l x 8H centimètres
Poids de l'article3,11 Kilogrammes
Spécifications respectéesiec,ip67
Tension d'entrée250 Volts
Note actuelle16 A
Weight3,11 Kilogrammes

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