VANTRUE LOQEJO N5 Car GPS Device Detector - Surveillance Camera

The LOQEJO Car GPS Device Detector550 by VANTRUE is a cutting-edge electronic surveillance device designed for vehicle security and monitoring. With a sleek and compact design, this device offers 360-degree field of view, capturing footage from the front, rear, and inside of your car simultaneously. The hidden camera feature ensures discreet surveillance, making it ideal for keeping an eye on your vehicle's surroundings.

Equipped with a touch control method, this GPS device detector allows for easy operation and navigation. The 3-inch screen provides a clear view of the captured footage, while the maximum aperture of 1.8 f ensures high-quality images even in low light conditions. The device comes with 1 Lithium Polymer battery included, ensuring continuous power supply for uninterrupted surveillance.

Whether you're concerned about potential theft, vandalism, or accidents, the LOQEJO Car GPS Device Detector550 offers peace of mind by providing detailed video evidence of any incidents that may occur. Perfect for car owners looking to enhance their vehicle security, this device is a reliable and efficient solution for monitoring your car's surroundings. Stay protected on the road with the LOQEJO Car GPS Device Detector550.

4.5/5 - 289 reviews

Manufacturer: LOQEJO
Model Number: N5


LOQEJO Car GPS Device Detectors550 Review

LOQEJO Car GPS Device Detectors550 Review:

The LOQEJO Car GPS Device Detectors550 by VANTRUE is a top-of-the-line dashcam system that offers 360-degree coverage with four cameras capturing high-quality footage. Users have praised its easy installation process and the premium materials used in the product. The dashcam provides clear video quality, even at night, thanks to the Sony Starvis 2 sensor. The GPS functionality works well, accurately tracking position and speed. The accompanying smartphone app allows for convenient access to camera settings and footage.




**LOQEJO Car GPS Device Detectors550 - Electronics**

- Brand: VANTRUE
- Manufacturer: LOQEJO
- Model Number: N5
- Category: Electronics > Camera & Photo > Video Surveillance > Surveillance Cameras > Hidden Cameras
- Product Dimensions: 3.82 x 6.89 x 5.63 inches
- Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
- ASIN: B0C58R3335
- Item model number: N5
- Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
- Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars from 289 ratings
- Date First Available: July 5, 2023
- Orientation: Front and Rear and Inside
- Vehicle Service Type: Car
- Field Of View: 360 Degrees
- Control Method: Touch
- Screen Size: 3 inches
- Maximum Aperture: 1.8 f
- Auto Part Position: Front


1. **What is the weight and dimensions of the LOQEJO Car GPS Device Detectors550?**
- The item weighs 2.2 pounds and has dimensions of 3.82 x 6.89 x 5.63 inches.

2. **What type of batteries does it require?**
- It requires 1 Lithium Polymer battery, which is included with the product.

3. **What is the field of view for this device?**
- The LOQEJO Car GPS Device Detectors550 offers a wide 360-degree field of view.

4. **Is this device suitable for car use only?**
- Yes, this device is specifically designed for car use.

5. **How is the device controlled?**
- The device can be controlled via touch, providing ease of use.

6. **Does the package include all necessary accessories for installation?**
- Yes, the package includes all required cables and mounting accessories for installation.

7. **Can the cameras be adjusted for optimal positioning?**
- Yes, all four cameras on this device can be rotated and adjusted to achieve the desired angles.

8. **What is the video quality of the cameras?**
- The front camera offers a resolution of 2k, while the other three cameras provide Full HD quality for clear recordings.

9. **Does it come with GPS functionality?**
- Yes, this device features GPS functionality that accurately tracks position and speed.

10. **Is there a mobile app available for remote access and control?**
- Yes, there is a mobile application provided by VANTRUE that allows users to access and control the cameras conveniently from their smartphones.

Please note that these FAQs are based on the provided product information and may vary based on updates or specific features of the product model.


Model NumberN5
CategoryElectronics > Camera & Photo > Video Surveillance > Surveillance Cameras > Hidden Cameras
Product Dimensions3.82 x 6.89 x 5.63 inches
Item Weight2.2 pounds
Item model numberN5
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Customer Reviews4.5 4.5 out of 5 stars 289 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars
Date First AvailableJuly 5, 2023
OrientationFront and Rear and Inside
Vehicle Service TypeCar
Field Of View360 Degrees
Control MethodTouch
Item Weight1 Kilograms
Screen Size3
Maximum Aperture1.8 f
Auto Part PositionFront
Are Batteries IncludedYes
Weight1 Kilograms
Dimensions3.82 x 6.89 x 5.63 inches
First AvailableJuly 5, 2023

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