GKU Dashcam Voiture Avant Arrière, WiFi, Carte SD 64G, Grand Angle 170°

The GKU 4K/2.5K Dashcam Voiture Avant Arrière is a high-tech car camera that captures both the front and rear views of your vehicle in stunning detail. With a front resolution of 2.5K and a rear resolution of 1080P, this dashcam ensures that every angle is covered and nothing is missed. The front camera can even operate at an impressive 4K resolution of 2160P/30fps, providing ultra HD footage.

Featuring a wide 170° angle lens, a large F1.8 aperture, and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, this dashcam delivers clear and sharp footage even in low-light conditions. You can rest assured that every moment on the road will be captured with exceptional clarity.

The built-in Wi-Fi and the "Jarviscam" app allow you to easily control and manage your dashcam from your Android or iOS smartphone. You can stream live footage, download videos, adjust settings, edit clips, and share your recordings with friends on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

In the event of an accident, the dashcam's G-sensor will automatically detect the sudden collision and lock the video separately in the event folder. This ensures that emergency footage is not overwritten by regular loop recordings, making it valuable for police reports, accident reports, and insurance claims.

Additionally, this dashcam offers 24-hour parking surveillance when connected to the optional wiring kit (not included). The Time-lapse function helps preserve recorded content, save memory space, and provide continuous monitoring of your vehicle.

With its compact and hidden design, easy installation, and 360-degree customizable rear camera, the GKU 4K/2.5K Dashcam Voiture Avant Arrière offers flexibility and convenience. It also provides various voice prompts to keep you informed about the dashcam's current status.

Don't miss a moment on the road with the GKU 4K/

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Brand: GKU


The GKU 4K/2.5K Dashcam is a high-tech car camera that captures both front and rear footage simultaneously. It features a 2.5K resolution for the front camera and 1080P for the rear camera, with the option to switch to 4K for the front camera. The wide-angle lens, large aperture, and WDR technology ensure clear footage even in low-light conditions. The dashcam comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and an accompanying app, allowing users to live stream, download, edit, and share videos easily. It also has an emergency lock feature that automatically saves collision videos separately to prevent them from being overwritten. The dashcam supports 24-hour parking monitoring when connected to a wiring kit, and its compact design makes it easy to install and remove. The product has received positive reviews for its ease of installation, video quality, and customer service.

- High-resolution front and rear cameras
- Wide-angle lens and WDR technology for clear footage
- Built-in Wi-Fi and app for easy control and sharing
- Emergency lock feature for important collision videos
- 24-hour parking monitoring capability
- Compact and easy to install

- The angle of the main camera may be restrictive in some vehicles
- Video transfers via Wi-Fi can be slow
- MicroSD card needs to be formatted if removed

Overall, the GKU 4K/2.5K Dashcam is a feature-rich and reliable option for car owners looking to enhance their safety on the road.


Q: What resolution does the GKU 4K/2.5K Dashcam capture videos in?
A: The dashcam captures videos in a resolution of 2.5K for the front camera and 1080P for the rear camera. The front camera can also function at 4K 2160P/30fps.

Q: Does the dashcam have Wi-Fi connectivity?
A: Yes, the dashcam has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your smartphone using the "Jarviscam" app. This enables live streaming, video downloading, settings modification, editing, and sharing on social media platforms.

Q: Does the dashcam have an emergency lock feature?
A: Yes, in case of a collision, the dashcam's G-sensor will automatically detect the sudden impact and lock the video footage separately in the event folder. This prevents emergency videos from being overwritten by regular loop recordings.

Q: Can the dashcam be used for parking surveillance?
A: Yes, by connecting the dashcam to a wiring kit (not included), you can enable time-lapse recording for 24-hour parking surveillance. This helps ensure that all recorded content is intact, saves memory space, and allows continuous monitoring of your vehicle.

Q: Is the dashcam easy to install?
A: Yes, the dashcam has a compact design with a Type-C interface, making it easy to install without obstructing your view while driving. It features a detachable design and a 120° adjustable function for easy installation and removal. The rear camera is also customizable at 360 degrees, providing flexibility in positioning.

Q: Does the dashcam provide voice prompts?
A: Yes, the dashcam provides various voice prompts to keep you informed about its current status. For example, if a collision reaches the G-sensor level you have set, the smart onboard camera will lock and record it in the collision lock folder. You can adjust the volume or disable the voice broadcast function according to your preferences.

Q: What are some tips for using the dashcam?
A: 1. Format the Micro SD card before recording.
2. The dashcam will automatically turn off after power is disconnected. The built-in battery is only used to back up emergency files.
3. The parking surveillance function requires a wiring kit (not included). Please contact us if you need one.
4. We provide a one-year warranty for the dashcam and respond within 24 hours on weekdays.

These FAQs are based on product information and customer reviews.


CategoryHigh-Tech > Electronique embarquée > Electronique pour voiture > Car vidéo > Caméra de bord
Nom de modèleD600
OrientationAvant et arrière
Type de service du véhiculeAutobus, Minifourgonnette, Camion, Voiture
Technologie de connectivitéWi-Fi
Caractéristique spécialeWiFi intégré et contrôle APP, Transmission vocale, avec carte SD 64G, prend en charge Max 256G, Résolution 4K Ultra HD, Dual 2.5K + 1080P, Grand angle 170°, F1.8, WDR, Moniteur de stationnement, Enregistrement en accéléré, Capteur G, Enregistrement en boucle Voir plus
Résolution d'enregistrement vidéo2160p
Composants inclus2 x film électrostatique, 1 x chargeur de voiture de cigare (3mètres), 1 x 1080P caméra de recul (et 6mètres câble d'extension), 1 x ruban adhésif 3M, 1 x 4K/2.5K caméra voiture (et carte SD 64G) Voir plus
Type de fixationMontage adhésif

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