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4.6/5 - 83 reviews

Brand: Tera
Model Number: FUN-P01-BK-EVCharger



Q: Is the Tera Smart EV Charger Type 2 Wallbox suitable for outdoor use?
A: No, the Tera Smart EV Charger Type 2 Wallbox is designed for indoor use only and is not waterproof.

Q: How many methods of reservation does the Tera Smart EV Charger offer?
A: The Tera Smart EV Charger offers three options for reservation: via the touch screen, smart app, and the embedded system of your vehicle.

Q: Can I adjust the current level on the Tera EV Charger?
A: Yes, the Tera EV Charger offers four adjustable current levels: 32A, 24A, 20A, and 16A.

Q: What are the safety features of the Tera EV Charger?
A: The Tera EV Charger has advanced safety features including leak detection, grounding, protection against over/under voltage, short circuits, overloading, and overheating.

Q: Does the Tera EV Charger come with a cable?
A: Yes, the Tera EV Charger comes with a 7m long pure copper charging cable certified by UL.

Q: Is the Tera EV Charger compatible with all electric vehicles?
A: The Tera EV Charger is compatible with Type 2 electric vehicles. However, it is important to check if it is compatible with your specific vehicle model and its amperage requirements.

Q: Does the Tera EV Charger have a warranty?
A: Yes, the Tera EV Charger comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 2 years.

Q: What is the power output of the Tera EV Charger?
A: The Tera EV Charger has a power output of 7.6 kW and an amperage of 32A.

Q: How many USB ports does the Tera EV Charger have?
A: The Tera EV Charger has one USB port.

Q: Is the Tera Smart EV Charger Type 2 Wallbox available in other colors?
A: No, the Tera Smart EV Charger Type 2 Wallbox is only available in black.


Model NumberFUN-P01-BK-EVCharger
CategoryHigh-Tech > Auto et Moto > Outils et dépannage > Équipements garage et atelier > Équipement de charge véhicule électrique > Stations de charge
Caractéristiques spéciales‎Charge rapide
Nombre total de ports USB‎1
Batterie rechargeable‎Non
Garantie constructeur‎2 ans
Disponibilité des pièces détachées‎Information indisponible sur les pièces détachées
Mises à jour logicielles garanties jusqu’à‎Information non disponible
Moyenne des commentaires client4,6 4,6 sur 5 étoiles 83 évaluations 4,6 sur 5 étoiles
Numéro du modèle de l'articleFUN-P01-BK-EVCharger
Classement des meilleures ventes d'Amazon12,186 en Auto et Moto (Voir les 100 premiers en Auto et Moto) 12 en Stations de charge véhicule électrique
Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr4 septembre 2023
Composants inclusSac de rangement*1, Support de montage mural*1, Support de chargeur*1, Manuel d'utilisation*1, EV chargeur type 2*1 Voir plus
Caractéristique spécialeCharge rapide
Tension d'entrée220 Volts
Ampérage32 A
Nombre total de ports USB1
Puissance7.6 KW
Nombre d'articles1
Courant de sortie32 Ampères
First Available4 septembre 2023

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