EVJUICION Wallbox Chargeur Véhicule Electrique 7.4kw Monophasé 32A

The EVJUICION Electric Vehicle Charging Station is a high-tech solution for charging electric vehicles efficiently and conveniently. With two Type 2 female connectors, this wallbox can charge two vehicles simultaneously at a rapid speed of 7.4 kilowatts, making it ideal for households with multiple electric cars or public parking areas. The station is user-friendly, equipped with RFID cards that correspond to each connector for easy plug-and-charge operation.

The wallbox features three LED indicators to monitor the charging status, ensuring a safe and efficient charging process. Its durable TPU cable sleeve is environmentally friendly and can withstand extreme temperatures, providing flexibility and longevity. Additionally, the station has undergone rigorous safety tests and certifications such as CE, UKCA, and UL, offering protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuits, and more.

Constructed with high-quality PC and ABS materials, the station is IP55 waterproof-rated, allowing for safe operation in various weather conditions. The use of pure oxygen-free copper wiring ensures fast charging speeds, high efficiency, and energy savings. Overall, the EVJUICION Electric Vehicle Charging Station combines advanced technology, durability, and safety features to provide a reliable charging solution for electric vehicle owners.


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Brand: Evjuicion


The EVJUICION Borne de Recharge Vehicule Electrique 7.4kw Monophasé 32A Rapid Wallbox is a convenient solution for charging electric vehicles. With two Type 2 female connectors, it allows simultaneous charging of two vehicles at 7.4 kilowatts, making it ideal for multi-car owners, families, and public parking areas. The wall box is user-friendly, equipped with RFID cards for easy access and monitoring of the charging process. The three LED indicators help track the charging status, ensuring safe and efficient operation. The environmentally friendly and durable TPU cable and fire-resistant nylon plug provide longevity and reliability in various weather conditions. Certified for safety and equipped with intelligent protection mechanisms, this wallbox offers fast charging speeds and energy savings, backed by a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support from EVJUICION.


  • Simultaneous charging of two vehicles

  • Easy-to-use with RFID cards

  • LED indicators for monitoring

  • Durable TPU cable and fire-resistant plug

  • Safety certifications and intelligent protection mechanisms

  • Fast charging speeds and energy efficiency

  • One-year warranty and lifetime technical support


  • May require professional installation for some users

  • RFID cards may not be necessary for all installations

  • Initial cost investment


**EVJUICION Electric Vehicle Charging Station 7.4kw Single Phase 32A Fast, Wallbox with Two Female Connectors, Charge Two Cars Simultaneously, Wallbox Type 2 5M 7kw | two connectors - High-Tech**


1. **Can this charging station charge two vehicles at the same time?**
- Yes, this EV charging station is equipped with two female type 2 connectors, allowing you to charge two cars simultaneously with a power output of 7.4 kilowatts.

2. **How easy is it to use this charging station?**
- The station is user-friendly and comes with 2 RFID cards, each corresponding to a type 2 female connector. Simply plug the female connector into your car, swipe your card, and the corresponding type 2 plug will start charging your vehicle at 32 amps and 7 kilowatts.

3. **What safety features does this charging station offer?**
- The wallbox has three LED indicators to help you monitor the charging status of your vehicle. It also features overload protection, automatically stopping the charge once the vehicle is fully charged to prevent battery damage.

4. **Is the cable durable and weather-resistant?**
- The TPU cable sheath is environmentally friendly and wear-resistant, remaining flexible even in extreme temperatures (-30°C to +50°C). The nylon fireproof plug has been tested for durability, ensuring a long lifespan of up to 15 years.

5. **What certifications and protections does this charging station have?**
- This charging station has passed CE, UKCA, and UL fire safety tests. It is IP55 rated for water resistance, making it safe for use in rainy conditions or damp environments. It also includes protection mechanisms against overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuit, grounding issues, overheating, and lightning.

6. **What kind of warranty and support does EVJUICION offer?**
- EVJUICION provides a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support for their charging stations. Customers can reach out for assistance or inquiries before, during, or after purchase via email on Amazon.

For more information or specific inquiries about the EVJUICION Electric Vehicle Charging Station, feel free to contact EVJUICION directly or refer to the product details on Amazon's website.
Manuel de l’utilisateur (PDF)
Manuel de l’utilisateur (PDF)


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