DOORES Ash Blonde Highlighted Platinum Blonde Weft Hair Extensions

User Manual for DOORES Weft Hair Extensions

Product Overview

DOORES Weft Hair Extensions are high-quality, 100% remy human hair extensions designed to enhance your hair's volume and length. These versatile extensions can be sewn in, clipped, glued, or attached with micro beads, providing you with a range of styling options. The set includes a 24-inch weft that can be customized to your desired width.

Installation Instructions


  • Ensure your hair is clean, dry, and free from any styling products.
  • Lay out the hair weft and measure the required width against your head.
  • If necessary, cut the weft to the desired width, making sure not to cut through the stitches.

Sewing Method

  1. Part your hair horizontally where you wish to attach the weft.
  2. Braid a thin horizontal cornrow along the parted section of your hair.
  3. Using a curved sewing needle and thread, sew the weft onto the cornrow from one end to the other.
  4. Secure the ends with a knot and trim any excess thread.

Clip-In Method

  1. Attach the provided clips to the weft at even intervals.
  2. Part your hair and clip the weft securely onto your natural hair.
  3. Release the top layer of your hair to cover the weft and clips.

Alternative Methods

For glue or micro bead application, please consult a professional stylist to ensure the best results.

Hair Care and Maintenance

  • Wash the extensions with a mild shampoo and conditioner in lukewarm water.
  • Gently rub the hair and avoid twisting or rubbing vigorously.
  • Allow the extensions to air dry naturally.
  • Use a heat protectant spray before styling with heat tools.
  • Store the extensions properly when not in use to prevent tangling and damage.

Troubleshooting Tips


If you experience shedding, check if the weft has been cut improperly. Avoid cutting through the stitches when customizing the width. If the problem persists, consult a professional stylist.


To prevent tangling, brush the extensions gently with a wide-tooth comb. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots. Use a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray if necessary.

Color Mismatch

If the color does not match your hair, avoid dyeing the extensions yourself. Instead, consult a professional colorist for the best results.

Styling Issues

If the extensions do not hold a curl or style as desired, ensure you are using the correct heat settings and styling products. It may also help to let the curls set and cool before releasing them.


Can I dye the extensions?

Yes, the extensions can be dyed, but we recommend having this done professionally to avoid damaging the hair.

How many packs do I need for a full head?

For natural volume, 1 pack is sufficient. For thick hair or a full head, 2-3 packs are recommended.

How long do the extensions last?

With proper care, the extensions can last 4 months or more. The lifespan may vary depending on usage and maintenance.

Can I use heat styling tools on the extensions?

Yes, you can use heat styling tools, but keep the temperature between 320℉-390℉ and always use a heat protectant spray.

What is the best way to store the extensions?

Store the extensions in a dry place, laid out flat or hung up to prevent tangling. Use a hair net or silk bag for added protection.

How do I blend the extensions with my natural hair?

To blend the extensions, ensure they are the correct length and volume for your hair. Style your hair and the extensions together to create a seamless look.

FAQ [continued]

**DOORES Weft Hair Extensions Human Hair FAQ**

**1. What are the key features of DOORES sew in weft human hair extensions?**
DOORES sew in weft hair extensions are made of 100% remy human hair, providing a natural silky appearance, soft touch, and natural luster. The double weft process ensures durability with no tangling or shedding, offering fullness from top to end.

**2. How should I choose the right pack size for my hair volume?**
For natural volume, one pack is recommended, while 2-3 packs are suitable for thick hair or a full head look. The weight specifications are 80/100g for 14"-16" extensions and 100g for 18"-24" extensions.

**3. Can I style and customize the DOORES hair extensions?**
Yes, DOORES sew in weft human hair can be styled, curled, dyed, etc., with a temperature recommendation of 320℉-390℉. The weft can be applied directly sewn in, clipped in, glued, or attached with microbeads.

**4. How should I care for and maintain my DOORES hair extensions to increase their lifespan?**
To care for your DOORES hair extensions, wash them with mild shampoo and conditioner using warm water, gently rub the hair while washing, and allow them to air dry. Proper care can help extend the lifespan of the extensions to last 4 months or more.

**5. Are there different ways to wear the weft hair extensions?**
Yes, DOORES sew in weft hair extensions can be worn using various methods such as direct sewing, clipping in, gluing, or using microbeads. The lightweight and soft weft fits well on the scalp and is easy to install by a professional stylist.

**6. How does the color matching service work for the hair extensions?**
DOORES offers a color matching service to help customers choose from popular colors like balayage, ombre, or solid colors that best match their own hair. Customers can share an image of their hair for assistance in selecting the right shade.

**7. What are some customer reviews about the DOORES hair extensions?**
Customers have praised the quality of the human hair extensions, mentioning their silky feel and longevity. Positive feedback includes ease of styling, thickness of the extensions, color accuracy, and overall satisfaction with the product.

Please note that individual experiences may vary based on personal preferences and usage habits.


CategoryBeauty & Personal Care > Hair Care > Hair Extensions, Wigs & Accessories > Hair Extensions
ColorSew In-#P17A/60A Ash Blonde Highlighted Platinum Blonde
MaterialHuman Hair
Extension Length24.00
StyleLong Curly Hair,Long Straight Hair

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