Facom Diesel Engine Decarbonizer 1L

The FACOM 006025 Engine Decarbonizing Integral Diesel is a powerful curative additive designed for diesel engines. This product effectively cleans key engine components such as valves, combustion chambers, EGR valves, turbochargers, catalytic converters, and particulate filters without the need for disassembly. It also thoroughly cleans the entire fuel system, including the injection pump and injectors, promoting optimal engine performance.

With its high-performance catalytic detergent action, this additive helps restore the engine to its optimal functioning state, reducing emissions and fuel consumption. It is recommended for use every 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers or before a technical inspection to facilitate the vehicle's compliance with emissions standards.

To use, simply pour the recommended dose into the fuel tank before refueling. The curative treatment ratio is 1 liter for every 40 to 70 liters of diesel fuel. This product is compatible with all diesel injection systems, including Common Rail and unit injectors, as well as all emission control systems.

Overall, the FACOM 006025 Engine Decarbonizing Integral Diesel is a reliable solution for maintaining and improving the performance of diesel engines, making it an essential addition to your auto maintenance routine.

4.4/5 - 5854 reviews

Brand: Facom


The FACOM 006025 Décalaminage Moteur Intégral Diesel is a curative additive designed for diesel engine decarbonization. Users have reported positive results, such as the disappearance of blue/gray smoke at startup, reduction in fuel consumption, and improved engine performance. Some users have also noted a decrease in emissions and smoother engine operation after using the product. However, there have been mixed experiences with the packaging, with complaints about difficulties in opening the container and pouring the liquid into the fuel tank. While some users have found the product effective in addressing engine issues and improving overall performance, others have not seen significant changes. It is recommended to follow the usage instructions carefully for best results.

- Effective in decarbonizing diesel engines
- Reduces emissions and improves fuel efficiency
- Positive impact on engine performance
- Easy to use with simple application instructions
- Recommended for maintenance and passing vehicle inspections

- Mixed experiences with packaging and pouring
- Results may vary among users
- Some users did not notice significant improvements
- Potential issues with the quality of the container and pouring mechanism


### FACOM 006025 Engine Decarbonization Diesel Integral, Engine Cleaner-CURATIVE-1L Diesel - CURATIVE 1L - Auto and Motorcycle

**Product Description:**
- The FACOM 006025 is a curative additive for decarbonizing diesel engines. It effectively cleans the main engine components without the need for disassembly, including valves, combustion chambers, EGR valve, turbo, catalytic converter, and particulate filter (DPF).
- It rapidly and completely cleans the entire fuel system (injection pump, injectors).
- Features a high-performance catalytic detergent action that restores optimal engine performance, reduces pollutant emissions, and lowers fuel consumption.
- Facilitates passing the technical inspection and is effective after driving 50 to 100 km at high engine speed (preferably on the highway). Recommended treatment every 20,000 to 30,000 km or before the technical inspection. Pour the dose into the tank just before refueling.

- Brand: FACOM
- Category: Auto and Motorcycle > Oils and Fluids > Additives > Motor Oil Additives
- Item Form: Liquid
- Fragrance: Unscented
- Specific Uses for Product: Engine
- Item Volume: 1 Liter
- Number of Units: 1000.0 milliliters
- Surface Recommendation: Vehicle
- Special Feature: Facilitates passing the technical inspection


1. **Q: How much FACOM 006025 should I use for my diesel vehicle?**
- A: For a curative treatment, use 1 liter of FACOM 006025 for every 40 to 70 liters of diesel fuel.

2. **Q: Is FACOM 006025 compatible with all diesel injection systems?**
- A: Yes, FACOM 006025 is compatible with all diesel injection systems, including Common Rail and injector pumps.

3. **Q: How soon can I expect to see results after using FACOM 006025?**
- A: Results may vary, but some users have reported improvements in engine performance within a few days of using FACOM 006025.

4. **Q: Can FACOM 006025 help with issues related to the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)?**
- A: Yes, FACOM 006025 can help clean the DPF along with other engine components to improve overall performance.

5. **Q: Is it necessary to combine FACOM 006025 with other products for best results?**
- A: While FACOM 006025 is effective on its own, some users have reported even better results when combining it with an engine flush using low-quality oil and pre-drainage products.

6. **Q: How often should I use FACOM 006025 for maintenance purposes?**
- A: For regular maintenance, it is recommended to use FACOM 006025 every 20,000 to 30,000 km or as needed before technical inspections.

Please note that individual results may vary based on the condition of the vehicle and proper usage of the product.


CategoryAuto et Moto > Huiles et liquides > Additifs > Additifs pour huile > Additifs pour huile moteur
Forme de l'articleLiquide
ParfumSans parfum
Usages spécifiques pour le produitMoteur
Volume de l'article1 Litres
Nombre d'unités1000.0 millilitre
Recommandation de surfacele vehicule
Caractéristique spécialeFacilite le passage au contrôle technique
Nombre d'articles1
Contient du contenu liquideOui

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