TRI Aerogel Hairspray Non-Toxic Hair Styling Gel - TRIDESIGN (10.5 oz) - 5 Pack

Experience salon-quality hold and simplified styling mastery with TRI Aerogel Hairspray. This non-toxic hair styling gel and texture spray is designed for both men and women, offering a perfect balance of flexibility and strong hold control. The 10.5 oz bottle comes in a convenient 5-pack, ensuring you always have a supply on hand.

The TRI Aerogel Hairspray combines the best of both worlds by merging gel potency with spray convenience. This unique formulation allows for seamless application and a pliable hold, giving you the freedom to create a variety of stunning hairstyles effortlessly. Say goodbye to flakes and hello to a luxurious supple touch with this innovative hair finishing spray.

Whether you're looking to achieve a sleek and polished look or a more textured and voluminous style, TRI Aerogel Hairspray has got you covered. The product is paraben-free and suitable for all hair types, providing impeccable hold without any sticky residue. Elevate your hairstyling experience with this revolutionary product from TRIDESIGN, a brand that represents advanced science and ecological wisdom in the world of hair care. Unlock your creativity and achieve unlimited styling possibilities with TRI Aerogel Hairspray.


4.7/5 - 3545 reviews

Manufacturer: TRI


Here is a review of the TRI Aerogel Hairspray based on user feedback:

The TRI Aerogel Hairspray is a high-quality hair styling gel and texture spray that offers salon-quality hold and flexibility for both men and women. Users praise its strong hold control without any flaking, making it suitable for all hair types and styles. The product combines the flexibility of a gel with the control of a spray, providing a unique styling experience. It offers a luxurious, supple touch while maintaining impeccable hold and a radiant shine. Users appreciate its non-sticky formula that keeps hair residue-free and soft to the touch. Many reviewers highlight its long-lasting hold, even lasting through the next day with a simple tousle for a fresh look. Additionally, users with fine hair find it particularly effective, praising its ability to hold hairstyles in place without stiffness. The product's fine mist application ensures even coverage and a natural look, making it a go-to styling product for many. However, some users find the price to be on the higher side compared to similar products available in local stores. Overall, the TRI Aerogel Hairspray is recommended for its exceptional quality, reliable hold, and versatility in styling.

- Salon-quality hold
- Flexible styling with strong hold control
- Luxurious touch without stickiness
- Long-lasting hold even through the next day
- Suitable for fine hair types
- Fine mist application for even coverage

- Higher price point compared to similar products
- Availability may vary by location
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Summary Review: Jared provides an honest review of the TRI Aerogel Hairspray, highlighting its great container made of durable plastic that won't break easily. He mentions that it is a decent size bottle and easy to use by spraying it into the hair after showering. Jared praises the product for being good for hair and mentions that his mom and sisters use it regularly. He considers the brand trustworthy and not overly expensive, recommending viewers to check it out.
Review By Jared Pickard, Summarized by GPT


**TRI Aerogel Hairspray Non-Toxic Hair Styling Gel Plus Texture Spray for Men & Women - FAQ**

**Q: What is the liquid volume of each bottle in the 5-pack?**
A: Each bottle contains 10.5 fluid ounces of TRI Aerogel Hairspray.

**Q: What type of hair is this product suitable for?**
A: This hairspray is suitable for all hair types.

**Q: Is this hairspray paraben-free?**
A: Yes, this hairspray is free from parabens.

**Q: Does this product leave any sticky residue on the hair?**
A: No, this hairspray is designed to provide impeccable hold without leaving any sticky residue on the hair.

**Q: Can this hairspray be used on fine hair?**
A: Yes, customers have reported that this hairspray is great for fine hair and does not make the hair feel sticky when blow-drying.

**Q: Is the scent of this hairspray pleasant?**
A: Yes, customers have mentioned that the scent of TRI Aerogel Hairspray is pleasant and does not irritate the scalp.

**Q: How long does the hold last with this hairspray?**
A: Customers have reported that this hairspray provides a long-lasting hold, even in windy conditions, and can maintain hairstyles all day and into the next day.

**Q: Can this product be used for travel?**
A: Yes, customers have found the two smaller size containers convenient for both home use and travel.

**Q: Where can I purchase TRI Aerogel Hairspray?**
A: TRI Aerogel Hairspray can be purchased online, including on Amazon.

**Q: Is this hairspray easy to comb out at night or the next morning?**
A: Yes, customers have mentioned that this hairspray holds hair in place without stiffness and is easy to comb out at night or the next morning.


CategoryBeauty & Personal Care > Hair Care > Styling Products > Hair Sprays
Product BenefitsHair Styling
Hair TypeAll
Material Type FreeParaben Free
Liquid Volume10.5 Fluid Ounces
Best Sellers RankSee Top 100 in Beauty & Personal Care
MaterialParaben Free

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